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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, I am approved to accept Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. 

I will collect your copay or deductible shortly after our session using the credit, debit or HSA card you provide me via the client portal. Next, I will submit a claim for the balance directly to Anthem/BCBS on your behalf. If you have another insurance carrier please contact your provider to determine what/if any out of network provider coverage you may have. I will be pleased to provide you documentation to recover your eligible out of pocket costs. 

**It is very important that you contact your insurance plan prior to meeting to determine if your particular plan requires that you meet the deductible prior to the plan beginning reimbursement for services.**

How does telehealth work?

Prior to you becoming a client, I will send you an invite to my online portal. In this portal, you will review and accept the services agreement and complete demographics information. Once that is completed you will receive a link to a confidential telehealth platform for each appointment. Just click on the link, follow the prompts to turn on your camera and microphone and you are good to go!

Do you work with children?

I am not currently accepting clients under the age of 18.


Do you accept credit/debit/HSA cards?


Do you provide medication or psychological testing?

No, I provide psychological counseling but am able to refer my clients to colleagues who provide both medication management and psychological testing. 

Do you have a specialty?

I specialize in working with adults with challenges in mood, self esteem and relationships. 

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